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Frame straightening and auto frame repair is an essential part to a vehicle, as the vehicle’s frame is its most important part. Just like a house with a damaged foundation is unsafe to inhabit, a vehicle with a damaged frame can be unsafe to drive, especially if that damage is in an area subject to repeated stress or in the “crumple zone” (the extreme front and rear, designed to crumple easily in a crash to absorb most of the impact).


Exterior damage is often very easily identified but what has happened to the undercarriage of your vehicle is not. Our shop houses multiple hoists so that a proper inspection of the undercarriage can be performed and damage identified. There is no room for error so our complete laser frame repair and suspension replacement will restore your vehicle to its proper structural alignment.

Frame damage can be especially dangerous, as it may lead to improper airbag deployment in the case of an accident. So look no further and get your car frame repair with us.


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